Being a secondary cleaner, the Durt Hawg Belt Cleaner is designed to be used with an effective primary cleaner. The rugged one-piece cleaning elements of the Durt Hawg Belt Cleaner resists material build-up, while absorbing the shock of splice impact.

Maintenance is a simple operation. When the Durt Hawg cleaning blades are worn to the wear line, just pound out the worn blades and pound in the new.


The Durt Hawg Belt Cleaner is designed to be the most effective and economical belt cleaners available on the market today. The high-strength polyurethane or injection-moulded thermoplastic construction of the Hawg® arms ensures long life and effective cleaning under the toughest of conditions. Meanwhile, the resilient nature of these materials helps prevent damage to the belt cleaner itself, the belt top cover, and mechanical or vulcanised splices.

Belt width: 450-2400mm

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