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Innovative product research and development from Australia’s experts

ESS’s experience research and development department continually improves existing ESS products. Focusing on creating more easily installed, serviced and maintained products in order to reduce manual handling hazards and increase efficiency.

The research and development department consistently communicates with ESS’s service technicians for feedback on innovations and suggested improvements.

ESS’s research and development department also designs and tests new products to fill important gaps in the market, especially in areas of increased safety and manual handling risks. Two of the most recent examples are the ESS EZI-GUARD and quick change retractable idler frames.

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Older ESS research and development innovations 

Development of the RBC Return Belt Cleaner

ESS recognised that most cleaners (ploughs) used on the inside of the return belt were merely slabs of rubber dragging on the belt. They knocked off the large lumps but allowed the "grinding paste" fines past, where they circulated around pulleys and idlers causing accelerated wear. As a result of some good ideas, good design and much trial and error, ESS developed the best inside belt cleaner in the world - the RBC. 

Development of the centre pivot primary cleaner

In underground coal belts fed by long wall mining processes, and in other applications in industry, migration of abrasive fines to the centre of the belt means that belt cleaners experience high wear rates at belt centre. To overcome this, ESS developed the centre pivoting mainframe, which allows the centre blades to be adjusted against the belt independently of the outer blades. This results in much more even blade wear, better cleaning, and longer usable blade life.

Development of the ICT Carryback Gauge

Recognising the need for a universally recognised, accurate and repeatable method of carryback measurement, ESS and Martin Engineering funded a research project at TUNRA (The University of Newcastle Research Associates). The result of the project is the ICT Carryback Gauge, which is the only gauge in the world capable of producing accurate and repeatable readings. ESS and Martin Engineering are currently moving to have a standardised system of carryback measurement recognised by worldwide standards associations.

Research into TMC®

ESS and Martin Engineering have many years of research and experience in the behaviour of bulk materials. The aim of TMC® (Total Material Control) is to ensure that all material being processed or handled ends up where it is supposed to be. TMC involves the application of research into belt cleaning, transfer point loading and sealing control of dust, control of induced air pressures, and correct material flow thorough transfer point surge bins and storage reclaimers.

Research into Dust Suppression

ESS Engineers have expertise int the containment of dust laden air within conveyor enclosures. In a natural progression to augment this existing knowledge, ESS have collected data from research in the USA, Germany and Australia on the suppression of dust outside of the enclosure. This collected data, combined with in-house research and support from Martin Engineering, allows us to offer the best solutions to dust control problems in any materials handling plant.

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