The XHD 20-Ten Series Primary Cleaner is a conveyor belt primary cleaner, which is normally mounted on the face of the conveyor belt head pulley. The cleaner blades face against the direction of belt travel and are designed to peel off the thick layer of loosely adhering material that often accounts for up to 80% of carry-back.

The XHD 20-Ten Series Primary Cleaner is normally used in conjunction with at least one secondary cleaner, such as the Inline Premium Secondary Cleaner, and often with a water spraying system. 


The XHD primary cleaner was designed for use on conveyor belts with large head pulleys, as well as with wide head chutes, high speeds or when handling abrasive materials.

The blades are made of cast urethane and are available in a range of grades, shapes and sizes for various applications, with a tungsten carbide-tipped version for very abrasive materials. The blades slide into a steel track on the mainframe for ease of replacement, and one side of the track is removable for very tight or difficult applications.

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