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As the mining industry evolves there is an increasing emphasis on safety around conveyors and moving machinery. This guarding needs to adhere to the Australian Standards and WHS Legislation.

A barrier guard is essentially a fence used to keep personnel from making contact with moving machinery. Guarding is designed to prevent fatalities and injuries by making it physically impossible to dangerous areas such as pinch points.

Equipment guarding acts as the ultimate personal protection, providing entanglement protection, pinch point protection and impact protection. Equipment guarding also provides ’no touch' inspection point protecting machinery and personnel.

The challenge associated with designing guarding is adequately protecting personnel from the hazards of moving parts without interfering with the operation and maintenance of the plant.

ESS has also moved into more specialized safety guards. Like roller guards that attach to our Quick Change Trac-Mount Idler frames. These roller guards are easy to install and encapsulate the rollers.

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