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Installation training

Experienced ESS technicians can train and supervise on-site staff in the safe and correct installation of ESS products. 

This includes accurate installation manuals, competency assessments, and installation supervision.


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Maintenance Training

Maintenance Training

All conveyor accessories require regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure continuing effectiveness because they are located in constantly in a moving material stream.   

Experienced ESS Technicians can train onsite maintenance personnel to identify and correctly service bulk materials handling accessories. 

Training will include:

       - Identifying issues caused by general day to day operations of                            conveying systems.

       - Identifying worn and damaged equipment

       - Replacement of blades on belt cleaning systems

       - Correct tensioning and adjustment of conveyor belt cleaners and                    skirting systems.

       - Air flow dynamics in conveyor transfer points

        - Conveyor belt support systems

        - Recognising cause of damage to conveyor belt top covers and carcass

The Foundations Training courses are generally 8 hour course that can be delivered over two days or a one day intensive programme. ESS will supply 1-2 Foundations books for each company and every attendee will receive a Foundations CD for their own use.   

F4 training 

Conveyor belts are the most efficient method of transporting bulk materials.  However carry back, spillage and dust generation are responsible for these following conveyor problems:

  • Employee safety hazards
  • Environmental contamination
  • Belt mistracking
  • Belt damage
  • Increased replacement of conveyor parts
  • Unscheduled shutdowns
  • Cost of clean-up

Reduce conveyor efficiency and ultimately lower profit. 

Foundation 4 Training aims to improve conveyor safety and efficiency by providing specific training for on-site staff, safety reps, designers, and planners. This training is suitable for employees from new employees with little or conveyor experience and experienced operations and maintenance personnel. The program covers:

  • Conveyor components
  • Conveyor safety
  • Belt damage and preservation
  • Belt tracking
  • Belt cleaning
  • Transfer point solutions
  • Dust control basics
  • Conveyor belt Support systems

ESS trainers have been certified by Martin Engineering USA as a Foundations Presenter and have had extensive experience with conveyor service.   

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