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Product installation and retrofitting services
in Australia


Guardabelt Installation

ESS’s experienced service technicians provide complete installation and retrofit services for all ESS products including:

   - Conveyor belt cleaning systems

   - Conveyor belt impact beds and belt support systems

    - Dust control 

    - Skirting systems 

    - Air cannons

    - Conveyor and machinery guarding

    - Belt alignment systems

    - Quick change trac-mount retractable idler systems

ESS offers installation services for standard competitor products that are supplied with installation manuals.

ESS also offers installation supervision for site personnel, which includes training site staff to correctly install ESS products.

Click here to see ESS installation videos


Routine Maintenance of Air Tensioned Belt Cleaner

ESS’s experienced service technicians provide comprehensive maintenance services which include:

    - Inspection and adjustment of ESS and competitor products

    - Repair and replacement of worn and damaged parts

    - Spare Parts inventory – ESS will check spare parts in stock

    - Contract maintenance services – in ESS and competitor                equipment

ESS offers operation and maintenance training for onsite personnel in correct operation and maintenance procedures for ESS products.

Click here to see ESS maintenance videos 

Silo cleaning 

Cement Silo

ESS offers silo cleaning services utilizing Bin Whip technology.

Two trained ESS technicians operate a compressed air driven whip head which effectively cleans the internal surface of the silo or bin.

For product literature on the Bin Whip click here

Site survey

Site Survey

ESS service technicians offer site survey services this includes:

    - Walking the belt – checking the belt condition, identifying          hazards and areas of fugitive material.

    - On site troubleshooting

    - Monitoring of conveyor accessory components, ensuring             products are running effectively

    - Identifying areas that require product solutions

    - Identifying problem areas and suggesting solutions

ESS offers training to onsite staff in recognising onsite safety hazards, identifying conveyor belt problems and identifying solutions.

For more information on Foundations 4 training click here

Call us today on 1800 074 446 for more details about our retrofitting services or for a free quote.


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