The ESS RBC™ is a return belt cleaner designed to remove fugitive material and debris from the inner side of the return strand of a conveyor belt.
The main feature of the ESS RBC™ is the unique urethane torsion strap suspension. This suspension arrangement allows pre-tensioning of the RBC™ onto the belt by simply rotating the support pipes.

The RBC™ is located before the tail pulley, gravity take up, mid-drive unit or any other position where fugitive material can become trapped between the belt and pulley, causing damage or wear to the belt, pulley or pulley lagging.

The RBC™ is held lightly against the belt surface, and ‘floats’ with the belt movement, eliminating the ‘chatter’ commonly associated with gravity-type ‘V’ Ploughs.

By maintaining constant belt contact, the rugged polyurethane blade, with its unique shovel nose, can effectively remove even very fine material and water from the belt surface.

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