DT Primary

The DT Primary Cleaner is normally used along with at least one other secondary cleaner, such as the DT Secondary Cleaner. For optimum results, it should be used with a water spray system.

The DT  Primary Cleaner utilises an extruded polymer track and industrial urethane, designed to control costly material carry-back. It protects the secondary cleaner from being overpowered by excess material, thus increasing its effectiveness.

The blade material is a 152mm-wide one-piece cast urethane. These segmented blades can be easily removed by sliding on and off the mainframe track.

The cleaner is mono-directional, however, the cleaner will not be damaged by belt direction reversal. The cleaner is suitable for use on crowned head pulleys and damaged or grooved belts, while the urethane blades quickly conform to the belt profile.


The DT  Primary Cleaner is normally mounted on the face of the conveyor head pulley and is designed to peel off the thick layer of loosely adhering material that often accounts for 80% - 90% of carry-back.

Belt width: 450-2400mm

Belt speed: N/A

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