The Durt Tracker™ Torsion Arm is normally mounted under the head pulley or elsewhere on the return strand of the conveyor belt. The blades of the Durt Tracker™ Torsion Arm meet the belt at a negative angle, presenting reduced danger to the belt or splices.

The blades are set at a scraping angle to the belt, providing precise cleaning while cleaner arms absorb the impact of splices or other irregularities of high-speed belts. 


The Durt Tracker™ Torsion Arm can be tensioned firmly into the belt to remove the slimy film of fines commonly left by the primary cleaner. The product is therefore intended for use with a primary cleaner (such as the Trac-Mount or the Durt Tracker™), and a suitable spray-wash system.

Belt width: 450-2,400mm

Belt speed: N/A

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