The ESS Diagonal Plough is designed to remove fugitive material from the inner side of the return strand of a conveyor belt.

The ESS Diagonal Plough is typically located before the tail pulley, gravity take up, mid-drive unit or any other position where fugitive material can become trapped between the belt and pulley causing damage or wear to the belt, pulley or pulley lagging.

Unlike conventional Vee-type ploughs, The ESS Diagonal Plough is suitable for use on either single directional or reversing belts. It is also particularly useful on single direction belts where fugitive material needs to be deposited on one side of the belt only.

The ESS Diagonal Plough is suspended from brackets attached to each side of the conveyor structure. The Plough blade is set at approximately 45° to the belt direction and rides on the belt removing material without needing adjustment. The Plough blade will self-adjust until the wear limits are reached, preventing any contact between the plough frame and the belt.

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