The ‘bin-whip’ machine is an air-powered, manually controlled device used to clean the internal surfaces of silos and bins, using a compressed air-driven ‘whip-head’. The whip-head is suspended by an air supply hose on the end of a manually operated, wire rope-controlled ranging boom/spinning chain, which flails against the internal material build-up.

With the help of two trained operators, this ‘bin-whip’ machine can effectively clean or clear the internal surfaces a silo or bin. This means you don’t have to enter a confined space in person, with the associated hazards this brings with it. Depending on the nature of the material, and silo/bin construction, flails of chain, rope, or something similar may be used to brush, or break, any deposits that affect the operating efficiency of the said silos and bins alike.

The bin-whip machine is self-contained in its own transport trailer, holding all the necessary components for operational use.


The ESS Engineering Services & Supplies Bin Whip Service is designed to free up material flow from silos and bunkers that experience build-up, which can form as bottle necks, bridges, arches, rat holes and wall build-ups.

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