Often material fines cling to the conveyor belt past the unloading point. The residual material is carried back on the return side of the conveyor, eventually discharging at various points along the conveyor belt, presenting hazards to personnel and plant efficiency.

Carry back leads to excessive wear on conveyor components, build up on return idlers, misalignment of the belt and adverse effects on the conveyor operation and therefore plant efficiency.

A conveyor belt cleaner is an accessory used to remove material adhering to the return side of the belt.

Conveyor scrapers or conveyor cleaners are the most common/efficient conveyor belt cleaning system in reducing carry back.

Conveyor cleaning systems can come in many forms, to suit a number of cleaning applications.

There are three main types of conveyor scrapers, Primary belt cleaners (also known as pre-cleaner), Secondary Belt Cleaners (also known as tertiary cleaners) and Return belt cleaners (also known as ploughs’).

As speeds and loads on conveyor belts increase, it is more effective to have a system of conveyor belt cleaners pass over the area.

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