Multi Seal Skirting consists of primary and secondary sealing strips, with the primary seal acting as a retainer for the majority of material, preventing it from leaking past the chute walls. The secondary seal subsequently prevents the escape of any material that may have bypassed the primary seal.

Material trapped by the secondary seal continues in a tunnel formed by the gap between the primary and secondary seals.

The dovetail urethane secondary seal can be used with either the 3” or 5” primary seal to create a highly efficient dual seal. The rubber seal (which is not dovetailed) can be clamped against almost any existing skirting system and will provide a low-pressure secondary seal that effectively captures any fugitive material without needing adjustment. In some cases, with proper chute wall and wear liner design, Apron Seal™ Rubber Skirting can be installed alone as a complete sealing system.


The Multi-Seal Skirting System offers a unique dual sealing system that effectively seals. Used in conjunction with ESS 2000 or other skirt clamping arrangement, the skirting simply clamps into the conveyor chute. The Multi-Seal Skirting System has been engineered for use in all bulk solid industries where controlling the cost of fugitive material escaping at transfer points is a concern.

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