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Quality engineering services in Australia

Established in Wollongong, Australia in 1978, ESS Engineering Services & Supplies originally marketed bulk flow aid devices, such as air cannons and vibrators, manufactured by Martin Engineering in the United States. 

Two years later, we became the exclusive licensed manufacturer of Martin Engineering for Australia and the South Pacific. This resulted in the introduction of other Martin products, including conveyor belt cleaners and skirting systems. By 1985, the company had moved its headquarters and manufacturing facility to Currumbin. 

With 98 employees at present, ESS Engineering Services & Supplies now works Australia-wide, with a second manufacturing facility in Perth. We have sales offices located in many key areas around Australia and New Zealand, and export our products to countries including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, India, Israel, Japan, New Caledonia, Europe, and Vietnam. 

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