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Reliable maintenance services in Australia

Start-up supervision

ESS Engineering Services & Supplies’ can attend a site during start-up and commissioning to ensure that all your equipment is functioning correctly right from the word go. This means you can be confident that everything is fitted correctly and that if any problems do arise, our skilled team will be on hand to help.

Operation and maintenance training

Our experienced conveyor technicians are available to train your onsite personnel in the correct operation and maintenance procedures for all of our products. Just chat to our friendly experts for more information to ensure that you always have someone on hand to deal with any performance issues.

On-site troubleshooting

Both our company offices and trained service technicians are located within easy reach of all major materials handling centres to ensure a speedy response when site problems are encountered. We’re committed to delivering a top-quality service to all our clients in the bulk handling industry, and will endeavour to deal with any issues as and when they arise.

Local parts inventory

All ESS Engineering Services & Supplies branch offices carry spare parts as stock for servicing and emergency use, and we’re happy to negotiate placement of consignment spares in our clients’ stores. Whether you need to replace damaged or lost parts, just let us know and we’ll make sure you get what you need.

Specialty services

ESS Engineering Services & Supplies provides a variety of specialty services, including design assistance, installation, maintenance, condition monitoring, silo clean-out and more. With over 30 years’ bulk handling industry experience, we have the expert skills and knowledge to ensure a wide range of high-standard services for your convenience.

Contract maintenance services

Our multi-skilled conveyor experts can carry out performance-based maintenance contracts on all ESS Engineering Services & Supplies products, as well as maintenance and condition monitoring contracts on other equipment. We know our products best, so if you have any issues or wish to prevent problems through effective maintenance, just give us a call.

Call us today on 1800 074 446 for more details about our quality engineering maintenance services, or for a free quote.


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